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Project Parkour: #eastridingtakeover
After a successful pilot scheme last year, we're delighted to again be working with parkour practitioner Lorian Biet to deliver our #eastridingtakeover project in the East Riding this summer.
Lorian has been teaching parkour and freerunning internationally for a number of years, and is widely recognised as one of the most talented practioners of his generation. In partnership with ourselves East Riding Libraries and the Youth Offending Team, he’s been working with groups of young people in the town to demonstrate his own skills, teach basic moves and explore the increasingly popular discipline.  


'I'm really pleased to be back in the East Riding to work on this project' 
Says Lorian. 
'The Hut in Withernsea is always one of my favourite places to come - the kids are so receptive and everyone's incredibly welcoming. Parkour is more than a sport – not only will you learn to look at your surroundings in a completely different way, you’ll also learn how to move completely differently from anything you’ve ever experienced before.'
Originating from France in the 1980's, parkour is a way of moving in the fastest and most efficient way possible, using running, climbing, swinging, vaulting, jumping and rolling. It's ethos involves seeing the environment in a new way, imagining the possibilites for navigating it by movement around, across, through, over and under it's features. #eastridingtakeover combines the physical with the creative, exploring how parkour translates into the spoken and written word. As well as exploring the discipline, participants have the opportunity to work with a writer, experimenting with different forms and themes to explain how practising parkour makes them feel, think and react. 
For more details abour parkour and what's happening in your area, visit Parkour Generations here.
For more information on the project, contact coordinator Christina Lewis at